Bitcoin: Buying instantly on one major US exchange

Informations to a fast bitcoin trading. „The Coinbase instant buy program is yet another step toward mainstream acceptance of bitcoin,“ said Brian Kelly, founder of BKCM LLC, a hedge fund managing digital assets and a CNBC contributor. „This will make bitcoin easier to use as a transactional currency and could have the effect of increasing liquidity. The added transaction volume should also support the price.“ Weitere NEWS aus dem KRYPTO-Universum

Bahrain May Adopt Bitcoin and Issue Bonds in Digital Currency

The Middle East island country of Bahrain is becoming interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Their government hopes to be on the cutting edge of fintech innovations. Khalid Al Rumaihi, the chief executive of the Economic Development Board of Bahrain, mentioned the country has been eyeing the blockchain sector for some time. He hopes Bahrain can “issue bonds on digital currency.” Weitere NEWS aus dem KRYPTO-Universum