A Slovenian Savings Bank’s Traditional ATM Dispenses Bitcoin Vouchers

According to a video filmed by the Slovenian savings bank Hranilnica Lon, the firm has enabled the ability to purchase bitcoin with its classic automated teller machine (ATM) located in the company’s lobby. The Kranj-based bank believes it’s the first bank worldwide to implement bitcoin into a traditional ATM.

Hranilnica Lon Bank Adds Bitcoin Vouchers to the Institution’s Traditional ATM Service
Hranilnica Lon bank is a financial banking products provider offering services to citizens based in Slovenia. The company founded in 1992 manages money market instruments for clients and has multiple locations. This week Lon’s Facebook page announced the implementation of bitcoin into the firm’s traditional ATM located in the Kranj headquarters front lobby. While explaining the new ATM feature, the bank’s senior executive, Jake Vadnjal, unveiled the ATM to a swarm of Slovenian news reporters. During the video, the Hranilnica Lon executive cuts a ribbon tied to the machine and performs a transaction in front of the media’s cameras.

A Significant Leap in Thinking
The machine dispenses bitcoin using a voucher system which can be redeemed online. “We made a significant leap in thinking,” said Hranilnica Lon’s executive Vadnjal’s translated statements. “We do not know what will happen in ten years or what the fight for ‘survival’ and successful businesses will mean in the future — cryptocurrencies are difficult to predict.”

According to Vadnjal cryptocurrencies have great potential and will likely transform the financial industry. However, even though they are offering digital assets through the company’s office ATM, Vadnjal states these investments are still risky. “As bankers, we have to be conservative, so we are warning all that the markets cryptocurrencies can be risky and are subject to a fall greatly in value,” Vadnjal warns.

An ATM That Draws a Crowd — Last Time This Happened Was in the 90’s
Bitcoiners across social media were pleased to hear about the savings bank’s classic ATM dispensing bitcoin vouchers for Hranilnica Lon customers. After watching the video, one individual writes, “an ATM that draws a crowd — last time this happened was in the 90’s.” A Slovenian bitcoin proponent gives his opinion about the bank’s new voucher ATM, stating;

„As a Slovenian, this is nice to hear. But then again, I am hoping to see banks wiped out “

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